About Us

Little Green Art House is a full service production company that combines knowledge, experience, and creativity to tell diverse stories.

We produce our work from start to finish, independently creating narrative and documentary films, podcasts, music videos, promotional media, wedding and event coverage, and multimedia art of any size. In addition to our pre-production, and on site and in studio production services, we maintain a dedicated post production office where we edit, color, and sound design for film, scan and restore photos, design graphics, and even to recover data for our clients in house.

Little Green Art House is committed to celebrating diversity and providing accessible services to people of all backgrounds and experience levels. Our clients are creative, kind, diverse, and brave people who are changing the world by being who they are, and our purpose is to uplift our clients, their stories, and our communities through art and storytelling.

We only take on projects that align with our values and commitment to enriching our community.

About our Team

Berrie Sattler they/them

Berrie Sattler is a nonbinary filmmaker and visual artist based in Kingston, NY. They work primarily as a cinematographer, editor, and storyteller producing a wide range of work including feature documentaries, narrative and experimental films, and promotional content. 

Berrie has a BA in Film Studies and Production from Hofstra University, where they developed their craft and love of filmmaking as an art and mode of communication. They embraced collaborating with peers and made the most of their time in the program, ultimately earning “Senior of the Year” within the film department, and being awarded with a Faculty Jury Award for their senior thesis, “Grace,” and Best Cinematography for their work on Travis Martin’s “Afterthought.” 

Berrie formed Little Green Art House with Jacob to have an outlet for creative growth by providing professional production services that uplift people and organizations in the community to tell their stories.  In addition to content creation, they love to play music, make crafts, cook vegan food, and watch films that make them feel something!

Jacob Wilson Zucker is a cinematographer, photographer, and coffee professional based in Kingston, NY. He works primarily as a cinematographer and photographer producing documentaries and promotional content, as well as a technician recovering data and servicing coffee machines in the Hudson Valley.

Jacob began taking photos at a young age, and was given the opportunity to attend BOCES for TV and Film Production where he excelled through the program and went on to study at Hofstra University. He specializes in in-studio projects, making the most of his time at Hofstra by utilizing the professional soundstage, even filming his thesis on film and almost entirely in-studio.

Jacob Zucker he/they

Jacob founded Little Green Art House with Berrie to help people make their projects a reality. In addition to filmmaking and photography they love to make specialty coffee, bake bread, tinker with machinery, and hike through the Catskills and beyond!

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